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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead


Below are the current projects approved by Valley Village's Councilmember Paul Krekorian;

persistently demolishing affordable housing already in place, to making way for luxury boxes.

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Another Small Lot Subdivision proposal for a 2 story 10-Unit Condominium project with 25 parking spaces at 4318-4322 Gentry Avenue.

Public Hearing: September 19, 2017 9:30am

Another Notice of Demolition posted at the very controversial Hermitage/Weddington corner by developers Urban Blox, LLC / UB Valley Village, LLC who have no pre-existing properties within the area, or the entire San Fernando Valley.

This Rent Stablized Triplex 5261 Hermitage Ave. is home to tenants Ruth and Gideon Daneshrad who have not yet been informed their building is being demolished, neighbors say.    Neighbors say Ruth and Gideon have been working as spys for UB Valley Village since 2015 and involved with the previous squatters UB invited to harass a previous tenant.    Videos of Gideon Daneshrad show him interacting with and inviting the squatter who called himself Bear into his home.



Here is what we know:

   * Urban Blox STILL does not own all properties  

   * Urban Blox has a current CEQA suit in connection with this project

   * Members of the public submitted hundreds of letters and documentation      opposing this project

   * Urban Blox continue to threaten members of the community     


Case#: VTT-73704-SL-2A

CEQA: ENV-2015-2618-MND

Project Applicants: URBAN BLOX LLC, UB Valley Village LLC, Raffi Shirinian, David Duel, Rebecca Duel, TMC America LLC, TMC Valley Village LLC; Mark Ferraro, Lone Oak Fund LLC, Sydney Malkin, Allan Catap

Click here to view the 17 LLC's Urban Blox has formed for their other projects


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Hidden behind this green privacy barrier at 4414 Lemp Ave. is a Single Family Dwelling approved for demolition.  In it's place?

Paul's favorite - Another Small Lot Subdivision which puts 8 Small Lot homes in its place. Each small lot home will be 3-stories at 33 1/2 feet 

high and will have 2 covered parking spaces. 

Case#: VTT-74709-SL

CEQA: ENV-2017-1548-CE

Project Applicant: Valley Springs Lane, LLC, Oscar Bellozillo

2 merged vacant lots (previously one 1920 residence and one 3 bedroom 1955 residence) approved to be subdivided into 14 Small Lot homes, 30 feet high with 2 covered parking spaces. 

Case#: VTT-74726-SL

CEQA: ENV-2017-1852-CE

5623-5637 N. Elmer Ave.

Project Applicant: Donna Deutchman, Brad Rosenheim, Rosenheim & Associates, Inc. 

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Here we have a single story 6-unit Apartments occupied by tenants. All who were evicted for the approval of 4-story, 13-unit Condominiums with 28 parking spaces.


Case#: TT-73361-CN-M1

CEQA: ENV-2015-695-MND-REC1

11482-11488 Hatteras St. / 5756 & 5758 N. Camellia Ave.

Project Applicant: Chuck Azzuz / Nick Kazemi

12 occupied multi-family units get demolished along with 13 mature trees 

to subdivide 3 existing lots into 16 Small Lot Homes, 3-stories, 34 feet high, each with a 2 car garage.


Case#: VTT-74012-SL

CEQA: ENV-2016-4904-CE

4712 - 4728 Vantage Ave.

Project Applicant: Vantage Villas, LP / Jack Little Company, Inc.; Erick Bowers

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We continue to ask our Council Member Paul Krekorian:  Where are the evicted supposed to move to?     

He continues to ignore the very people that elected him into office.

He has no response or explanation as to why he continues to destroy affordable and occupied housing, 

and replacing it with unaffordable luxury housing.    

With nothing to say about it, we are left to believe all those deals with developers are much more important.

Stay updated - - Your building could be next.


More Appeals filed by members of the community and denied by the South Valley Area Planning Commission.

Public Hearing at CITY HALL, Tuesday February 28, 2017

for the Small Lot Subdivision project on 4531 - 4537 Tujunga Ave. that demolishes more rent-control, evicts more residents and impacts the neighbors and community.


SaveValleyVillage supports Sylvie Shain for City Council in the 13th District!

You may be thinking - why does sVV care about the other districts?   Valley Village is in District 2.  

What does the 13th district have to do with us?


City Hall is made up of 15 CouncilMembers, each designated their own district.  

Even though the Councilmember of that district supports a project, it must still be approved 

by all 15 city Councilmembers.

Electing individuals who are not corrupt & who will not sell you out to deep pockets is the most important decision 

to be made - no matter what district you fall in.

Sylvie Shain has been fighting for the rights of tenants for several years after being evicted herself.

Living outside the district does preclude us from voting a new Councilmember into office for District 13, but it doesn't stop us from raising awareness and getting you the truth about your local government.


CHECK OUT the the latest video of the November 8, 2016 City Council hearing where once again 

Paul Krekorian sells the community down the river - for none other than Raffi Shirinian.


by Beth Cone Kramer | Oct 17, 2016

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Raffi Shirinian and a company he calls Urban-Blox team up with Small Lot Subdivision tycoon Steve Nazemi, an old and loyal customer of Paul Krekorian's in their efforts to strip Valley Village of all its culture, history & affordable housing.

Shirinian's business practice includes perjury, illegally evicting the disabled, plagiarizing and falsifying reports and

razing the lots he purchases that sit abandoned to this day.  He has never actually built anything. 

Click on the below image to read one of the many articles on his agenda.

CLICK HERE to read a copy of the lawsuit Raffi filed against the 

2 elderly property owners trying to force them into selling their 1934 property to him.


More spot-zoning for development projects in Council District 2


by Beth Cone Kramer | Aug 22, 2016

"...Case in point, a duplex on Tujunga that houses section 8 and HUD tenants --developer Apik Minnossian is seeking approval of eight units in three-story terraced buildings, along with 16 parking spaces. Neighbors say the building does not fit the criteria for a “small lot subdivision and is not in keeping with the integrity of the neighborhood.”   READ MORE

by  | Aug 15, 2016






Board members serving no one but themselves...

On Thursday July 14, 2016 a public hearing took place in front of the South Valley Planning Commissioners for a case we've had our eye on at the Hermitage/Weddington cul-de-sac.

To no surprise Valley Village Neighborhood Council President Tony Braswell attended to make sure the developers felt his love and support.  Braswell's BFF Karo Torossian from Council Member Krekorian's office made sure to also attend never letting his developer friends down with nothing but full support for their 28 Small Lot Subdivision project, that demolishes a chunk of Valley Village's culture and history + affordable housing.


Taking after his boss, Torossian just moved to Sunland Tujunga specifically to register as 

Candidate for District 7 City Council Member!  

How does he expect to get votes?  

Possibly the same way his boss did by lying to the elderly.

This one will be up to the District 7 voters to make sure your neighborhoods are safe from destruction.  

Every resident who does NOT vote, 

is a vote for this guy.

Not sure?  

At least one person on your block will have a story about Karo. 

 Reach out to your neighbors to learn all about him.

Business as usual for the Valley Village Neighborhood Council is to have guys like Marc Woershing sit on the board. 

A Plannig Department employee shows no conflict of interest while working against the community one project after another.  Aaron Belliston is another NCVV board member who regularly attends Studio City NC meetings to push the projects of his developer friends like Tracy Stone Architect through.    What better way to get his contractor partner hired.

Nevertheless, Studio City seems to be making the best headway we've ever seen by finally getting some human beings on their Planning and Land Use Committee who know the definition of words like "neighborhood" and "community."

Imagine that.


LA’s Neighborhood Councils Are Gettin’ BONC’d and DONE In

To see who’s supposed to be in control of the Neighborhood Council system, you just need to look at the purpose of the Neighborhood Council system as specified in the Charter....

Gelfand’s Idea for Neighborhood Councils is Crazy … Let Me Count the Reasons

The City Council governs by a questionable 15-0 voting system while playing Neighborhood Councils off against DONE and BONC. 

Here’s a Crazy Idea: What If Voters in Neighborhood Council Elections had to Live in the NC’s Boundaries?

Had we created our neighborhood council rules in this limited form back when we started in 2001, we would have a system which fits nicely into my definition of what a neighborhood council is supposed to do, namely an organization where neighbors come together to discuss their concerns. Under that system, we would understand that everyone who participates at the voting level is a legitimate stakeholder because they are the people who live here. 

LA’s Neighborhood Councils … Who, How and Why? The Debate Continues

I think that everyone would agree that limiting neighborhood council stakeholder status to district residents has the virtue that we know who we are, and we don't have to spend half our time trying to make deals with those who represent ulterior interests. 



No taxes to fund understaffed police departments & fire departments?  Council has no money to help ease homeless situation, but can back a $198.5million financial aid package for hotel project?????

June 4, 2016


"Save Valley Village: Living Room Activism in Action"

"a group that has been laser-focused on ensuring neighborhood integrity and fair development...
It’s easy to feel disillusioned and that we have no power when it feels like politicians 
rubber stamp the needs of special interests while ignoring the average voter. 
But activists like the folks at Save Valley Village and other groups we are profiling are proof 
that this doesn’t have to be the case."    May 23, 2016


"Save Valley Village: Taking All 15 LA City Council Members to Court"

"..Valley Village has been in the forefront of slash and burn development. ..concerned residents are taking action … 
and other groups are taking notice..."    May 16, 2016

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    April 28, 2016



April 9, 2016

Congratulations GLENN BLOCK!

Glenn was the only non-incumbent elected to the Board who will be a voice for the community.

Let's show Glenn our support by attending the next NC meeting!

NCVV Board Meeting
4th Wednesday each month 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Faith Presbyterian Church – 5000 Colfax Ave., Valley Village, CA 91601


When attending a public hearing for an appeal last year, community was excited to see a Board member from the Valley Village Neighborhood Council.  They thought this was exactly the support they needed from their NC.

But why was Marc Woershing sitting with the city?

They wondered why Marc Woershing was behind the same table as the city employees there to determine the outcome of the appeal.

They later learned that Marc Woershing was not only a Community Organization Board Member on the NC, but he is also an employee of the Planning Department.

Scratching their heads, no one seemed to grasp how this was possible.  Research needed to be done.


It took a few passes before many could clearly comprehend exactly what these bylaws were saying.

Did the community have it wrong?  Were we all living with this false idea of what exactly a neighborhood council was?

The answer is YES.

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"The PURPOSE of the Council is to participate as an advisory body on issues of concern to our neighborhood Angeles."

"The MISSION of the Council is:

(1)  to provide an inclusive open forum for public discussion of issues concerning city governance, the needs of this neighborhood, the delivery of city        services to this neighborhood, and on matters of a citywide nature, and:

(2)   to advise the City of Los Angeles on issues concerning city governance, the needs of this neighborhood, the delivery of city services to this     

       neighborhood, and on matters of a citywide nature

There is NOTHING in the NC BYLAWS that specify they are obligated to serve anyone in the community.  They are there to serve themselves!

We already know NCVV President Tony Braswell is "committed to working with developers", as he stated in a letter of support to a massive development conflicting with a Historical Status designation.  It also explains why Real Estate Agent Dorothy Apple serves as the NC's Business representative and is responsible for selling more than 106 properties in Valley Village.  And why Real Estate Agent Aaron Belliston sits on the Valley Village Planning and Land Use Committee.   Coincidentally, Aaron's partner specializes in architecture and development! 

Each and every decision on local projects is made based on their personal interest/developer friends.   Commuity's best interest?  Not so much. 

The PLANNING AND LAND USE COMMITTEE section E. of the ByLaws clearly states they are to: "function as a liason between stakeholders of the Council and the Planning Department."  This is working out great for the Neighborhood Council Valley Village as they have found a way to successfully combined them both. 

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As for President Tony Braswell of the NCVV, time and time again we are reminded of just how 'committed he is to working with developers.'    He is dedicated to supporting the demolition of everything that makes our neighborhoods what they are.

SaveValleyVillage learned the hard way - that Valley Village needed saving from the neighborhood council.


The Neighborhood Council Valley Village is more Council than neighborhood.  They are not interested in you.

We, saveValleyVillage, in conjunction with more than 2 dozen other organizations and local groups, have been more proactive in our neighborhoods in one year, than this NC has proven to do in several.   That is, if you exclude budgeting for banners and pens.    NCVV is a neighborhood government; a much smaller version of our city government, which is what sVV has been up against.   Why in the world would a Board of real estate agents, city planners and friend to developers be interested in anything you had to say?   We stay on the true focus which is our neighborhoods and everything in it. 


SaveValleyVillage and its members work every single day on fighting for your rights and ours.  Although it is very much a sad reality that it must be a fight at all, we continue to do the work no one wants to do.  We continue to say the things no one else wants to say.  And we will continue to do so.  With the Neighborhood Councils being "a recognized advisory council hereby part of the Los Angeles Citywide system," it makes absolute sense that the corruption does not fall far from the tree.

Check out the article: LA’s Neighborhood Councils Are Gettin’ BONC’d and DONE In



April 8, 2016









Certainly no one was less surprised than sVV to learn more about Senior Planner KEN BERNSTEIN's opposition to the historical nomination of 5258 Hermitage (Marilyn Monroe house).   KEN BERNSTEIN agreed with the planning departments review of a report submitted by the developers attempting to DISprove history of this property (not surprising).   Going further, he acknowledges that a historical report was prepared from our team which had not yet been submitted - yet Ken had disregarded this never before read report as 'not sufficient.'

We also learned that KEN BERNSTEIN withheld critical documentation from the Administrative Record in this case, claiming it was never there.  Good thing sVV has copies of original filings to nip that in the bud.

sVV stress's the importance of reporting all suspicious activity within ANY city office to the Ethics Commission.  Ken Bernstein and Office Of Historic Resources are long overdue for their investigation; especially with all that paperwork missing.

See one of Bernstein's emails to city planner below:

Thanks, Tom, for checking back with us on this — I hadn't noticed that the APC hearing was happening today. Yes, we reviewed the ARG historic resources assessment, found it complete, and agreed with the findings. understand from Lambert that another consultant, Charlie Fisher, may raise the argument that Marilyn Monroe was first discovered during the period she lived at this property, but I would agree with ARG's conclusion that this alone isn't sufficient to make the building eligible for designation. [bold added] Ken Bernstein, Department of Planning, April 9. 2015 12:47 4 SVV 00702


For several decades, the residents of Valley Village enjoyed a cooperative working relationship with City officials for the purpose of maintaining the unique character of our neighborhood.  We have managed to always stay one step ahead of incursions by being proactive and attentive to warning signs.
In 1993, the City Council instructed the Planning Department to prepare a Specific Plan to ensure Valley Village would be protected from adverse impacts, requiring new development to conform to the existing character of the neighborhood.  In 1999, responding to community concerns that more protection was needed, the Council amended the Valley Village Specific Plan accordingly.

In 2009, out of 124,867 registered voters in the district, 11,462 votes elected City Councilmember Paul Krekorian to represent Council District 2.

In 2015 there was a total of 124,508 registered voters in CD2.   8,312 votes re-elected Krekorian. Since then:

Valley Village alone has lost several of its historical buildings; has suffered numerous demolitions (several illegal);
land-use entitlement requests, zoning changes and waivers ("spot zoning") approved; and
amendments made to our Specific Plan, despite laws requiring community participation.


Councilmember Krekorian has supported, and continues to support, projects which result in hundreds of evictions, demolition of rent-control buildings, the disruption of well-established communities, and has opposed three (as of this writing) 

Historical-Cultural Monument Nominations for properties significant to the area, including a nomination for two century-old trees.

Sadly, Councilmember Krekorian has refused to respond or engage with the community on any of these issues.

He has managed to cause more damage in a matter of five years than any of his predecessors.




"How do you fight against development when you don't have the powers of persuasion on a grand scale?

Answer: you have to be a guerrilla and use grassroots techniques that require hustle, imagination and drive."

Valley Village has become a soundtrack of bulldozers, chainsaws & construction.

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There has been a disturbing loss of landmarks, homes and cultural character, contrary to the needs of the community.   Projects go forward, notwithstanding violations of California Government Codes, Environmental / CEQA laws & local ordinances. Preserving our roots and culture has never been so important and necessary.  It is affecting much more than our history.

McMansions  and increased density are threatening the ValleyVillage way of life.

Insensitive development is resulting in the loss of our decades-old trees, historic homesteads, open spaces and affordable housing.

The number of Ellis Act evictions grew more than 300% from 2013 to 2014.

Image description

Check out this article on the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative to get a grasp on what is going on.


SaveValleyVillage is COMMITTED to protecting what so many before us worked so hard to do.   

We encourage you to get informed about the REAL ISSUES taking place in your neighborhood.  

We ENCOURAGE you to get involved and welcome your PARTICIPATION.   

You will find a vast amount of INFORMATION on this website.   

We WELCOME all visitors to suggest and add to our growing collection of information and statistical data.  

Please GET IN TOUCH if you have any questions.

Join saveValleyVillage


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When you join saveValleyVillage, your information will be kept confidential.  

Your information will not be shared with any other organization and will only be used to keep you informed of current issues that may affect you as a Resident.   

From time to time we will email you to let you know of group meetings, events or related causes where members are encouraged to attend.

If at anytime you would like to be removed from our email list just let us know through reply email.



Check out the latest LAND USE ENTITLEMENTS.   One density bonus after another in exchange for ONE LOW INCOME UNIT.

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After going on record offering his support to have the two oldest trees in the neighborhood designated as a Historical Monument, 

Council Member Paul Krekorian, one more time actively opposed the nomination making it clear his office was 

working with developers to "work with them on the trees." 

How does this relate to historical significance of the trees?   It doesn't.  

This makes the third Historical-Cultural Monument nomination submitted and the third opposition by Krekorian.


So heads up people - the guy advertising himself as "Mister environment" and "Mister trees are important" is the guy cutting all of them down. 


Historian reports continue to get ignored when Valley Village neighborhoods are identified as being significant.   

Senior Planner Ken Bernstein and Architect Lambert Giessinger, the two employees in Office Of Historic Resources, 

continue to go out of their way to reject nominations in Valley Village, also stating how they are "committed to working with developers." 

Office Of Historic Resources will soon make its own history, when all of their inner office politics and prejudice

are properly exposed,  which the media and other communities - find 'incredibly significant.'



By clicking on the image to your right, a new window will take you to a list of appeals filed between 2014 and 2015. 

Every single appeal was denied.   

No density bonus requests were turned down.

Open Space requirements were decreased.

Proven code violations and illegal construction went ignored with no fines or consequences.

Every project was determined as having 'No Impact.'


Please visit the Knowledge Is Power page for a more descriptive outline of Paul Krekorian and his election.

Campaign expenditures range from $11,696 to the LA Times, to Political consultant Eric Hacopian.  

In 2006 voters confirmed "someone has signed my name on a ballot application, and it was not me,"  during a ballot fraud investigation alleging Krekorian submitted absentee ballot requests with fraudulent signatures.

One of the most excellent reads to sum Krekorian up can be found here.

Interested in getting aboard the RecallPaul campaign?     Contact:  [email protected]






Valley Village, California was one of the San Fernando Valley's first developments spots.  Primarily ranches and farmland at the end of the 19th century covered in clusters of fruit orchards.

Residents longed to perpetuate rural relationships within a strange urban society, to reconcile their material ambitions with their psychic imperatives, to combine the spirit of the good community with the substance of the great metropolis.      Robert M. Folgerson The Fragmented Metropolis


In the 1930’s..“The people of Los Angeles desired the size but not the character of a modern metropolis.  They feared that as the price of progress their adopted community would lose its sense of fellow feeling & lower its standards of personal morality.  

Los Angeles emerged as one of the largest agglomerations in the United States - the people strove to recreate the cohesive communal life of their former farms & towns.  They longed to perpetuate familiar rural relationships within a strange urban society, to combine the spirit of the good community with the substance of the great metropolis.  

Robert M. Folgerson The Fragmented Metropolis


In 1939, residents adopted the name Valley Village and an ambitious plan for a model community with bike paths and pocket parks. Although that utopian vision was never fully realized, more recent residents decided to keep the historic name for their breakaway community.   Check out this brief article on Valley Village from 2002 on the name change.


The very things that attract residents to Valley Village will be the very things contributing to its demise.

A "Specific Plan" was generated in 1993 intended to curtail adverse impacts, restrict height and guarantee low density.  It was intended to be used as a GUIDE and by no means meant to be substituted with any existing codes or laws.  

It is currently treated as a bible - never to be toyed with according to Valley Village Neighborhood Council.  You can count on hearing about the plan at every Council meeting. What you will not hear, are all the sections that were written and put in place to prevent exactly what we are going through right now.   

We are no longer able to identify what Valley Village is when its roots continue to be destroyed. Character preservation was the biggest concern and how the Specific Plan came to be in the first place.   SaveValleyVillage receives hundreds of emails every single day asking what good does the plan do when not enforced?


☞  For those of you who may be new to hearing about Los Angeles and its supposed housing crisis, the same cry was heard back in 1952, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1980 again, and 1989

This is nothing new.  Specific measures are taken to make you feel as alarmed as humanly possible. 

"What good does it do to have older buildings replaced by high-rent ones that cost $800 to $1,400 a month?   We sat night after night to come up with a plan, and what good did it do if the Planning Commission and the city staff don't listen?" said Hunter, who was a member of the citizens advisory committee."  


☞  For those of you who may be new to hearing about how long it is going to take to make the necessary changes and reorganize Departments like Planning and Building and Safety, this cry was also made back in 1991 and referred to as a "top priority".  

Articles like this one go on about the relocating of tenants and at that time, going as far as questioning the enforcement of the Rent-Stabilization Ordinance.  City officials chalking it up to falling through bureaucratic cracks.

You would think lessons would have been learned, prices have been paid.  After all is said and done and the residents have moved out, the demolition is done, the new shiny buildings are in place - there they sit - Completely out of character and almost completely vacant.


Another example of how our "Specific Plan" is being enforced: 

Galaxy Car Wash now a memory, applicant has proposed a 5-STORY residential retail complex, with 70 residential units and a 2-level car garage to accommodate 80 vehicles.
SB375 anyone?  AB 32?

There are more laws written that make this project illegal, than legal. 

              So now the question becomes not who or when will the city be sued, but                   how many suits will be filed.

Image description


You would think after getting so much attention on the illegal demolition of 5258 Hermitage, tossed with a lawsuit cherry on top CD2 would be laying on the lower side.

Unfortunately, Paul Krekorian is plugging away.

Another Valley Village gem tucked away at 11752 HUSTON ST. was illegally demolished.  This adorable 1910 Victorian cottage was another Lankershim Water and Ranch Company tract with charm and character all over.     Picked up by SurveyLA which described it significant as representing the earliest pattern of development in the area.

Another manipulation of the permit process who's developer listed their application as a 'major remodel'.

No notice posted on site, no notice to neighbors, no 30 days as required by Ordinance 183312.  And once again, no research was done on the historical significance to this property as required on buildings 45 years and older.

Image description
Image description

City Council member Paul Krekorian continues to oppose any Application submitted for Historical Monument Designation.   He has chosen to not include community in his plans which as a result, are wiping out the foundation and character Valley Village is made of.   He continues to approve projects which have significant environmental and negative impacts.   He has no interest in complying with CEQA or any of the impacts currently affecting us.


The 2013 Council District Economical Report shows Council District 2 as having the highest amount of building permit value at more than $383 million dollars. 

To put that in perspective, District 1 had $68 million. District 6 had $72 million.

If you are a renter - this affects you.  Contrary to the suggestions made by other Councilmembers and several City Officials, and mere common sense, existing affordable housing has no business being 

touched and should be left alone.    One after the other rent-control buildings are gone and more and more residents are evicted.  Now we are left with the loss of culturally significant buildings, a decrease in affordable places to live and more people on the street.     In its place a taller, bigger, broader, characterless box will be erected, blocking your views, taking your air and green space, designed to bring in more cars, more people, more crime - to then be a big empty box no one can afford.

Whether or not you were born here or moved here - however you ended up here, you live here for a reason.   Your community needs you and is working hard with or without you. We hope you will get involved in whatever way you can, and contribute to saving Valley Village. 

Image description

Below are some articles that talk about the issues Valley Village residents have expressed throughout the years and how they were handled.


Following an outpouring of objections from residents against a city proposal to allow five-story buildings.     September, 1989



Development: Leaders in North Hollywood's Valley Village will seek City Council help in their fight against "stucco mountains."     November, 1989



Residents of Valley Village can now officially say they are not a part of North Hollywood.     February, 1991



One economic level seeking to have its own identity.    June, 1992



The Valley Village Specific Plan is the community's effort to carry out that 43-year-old identity.     July, 1992



Valley Village: Nice neighbors, convenient location and good schools keep longtime residents and attract new.    August, 1992



Real estate: Renamed neighborhoods often give residents cachet and higher property values.  February, 2002



If Hollywood had to create a set for postwar Suburbia USA, it would be Valley Village. Since then, the community has grown in sophistication, but it has not lost its family-friendly edge.   January, 2006



A clash over huge new homes on average-size lots has divided Valley Village and led to an L.A. ordinance that would limit the size of houses.    July, 2007


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Any involvement with saveValleyVillage is kept strictly confidential.

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Members, support, or personal information will never be disclosed - to anyone.